CFUnited: Wednesday afternoon sessions

by kai on 30/06/2005

The afternoon keynote by Joel Spolsky was a pure blast. This was – believe me or not – the best session I ever attended at any conference. This guy is even better live than via blog or book.

In the afternoon I attended a very good session on CSS Box Model. Finally even I as a very design-challenged CF-developer understood how it works properly. The other afternoon session was on design patterns and how/why (not) to use them in CF. Simon talked about CF anti-patterns as well which I found to be very interesting. I’d have loved to see some more code examples, but I’ll dig those out for myself some time.

After the exhibitor reception (free beer) I’ve been to the “Meet the CF 7 team” BOF and was rewarded with a CF birthday t-shirt for my feature request to get a proper CFSLIDER in Flash Forms. The night ended up with continuing drinking beer down in the Marriott bar with the Interakt crew and some other guys 😉

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