MAX 2004: Thursday morning

by kai on 04/11/2004

I really wonder about Michael and Alex, the two fellows of the company I work for. Both didn’t appear yet 😉

My first session was about ActionScript 2. For my special purpose it was out of focus a bit as it was an introduction with a lot of basics but Leo Schuman did a fantastic jobs presenting the topic clearly and in a very appropriate manner!

Soon up is a hands-on workshop about game developing with Flash Lite 1.1, which I really look forward to, as I just played a bit with that up to now and just created a single game together with my colleague Claudius. If anyone is interested, we should be able to provide it here…;)

After lunch I’m going to take another hands-on dealing with the integration of Cetral 1.5 and Flex 1.5. Highly looking forward to it as I didn’t make it yet to deal further with this integration.

More later…

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