CFUNITED: my morning sessions

by kai on 29/06/2005

Well, let’s say my morning session. I intended to be in a session on Verity but missed it due to a bunch of highly interesting discussions with Mike Nimer, Tim Buntel and Ben Forta about various CF topics…;) Guys, again, I’m so looking forward to the CFMX 7 Updater – you’d love the enhancements regarding Flash Forms…

So, my “second” session was about “The good, the bad and the ugly of CF coding”. Basically it contained a lot of information how to code and how not to code in CF. Todd and Critter did a pretty good job, despite of an intensive drinking session the night before 😉

Next to expect: Keynote by Joel Spolsky (Joel on software), after that a bunch of CF related sessions.

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