MXDU: Inaugral MXDU Banquet

by kai on 17/02/2005

This year the Daemon guys came up with the great idea of holding a banquet on the night of day 1 of MXDU. After a lot of people became confused about what to wear (at least this still IS a developers conference…), Geoff sent some basic rules: wear whatever you want but try to wear shoes 😉

And – the reason for that was quite obvious. Before we got allowed to get drinks or food all participants of the banquet had to go on a treasure hunt throughout Darling Harbour. That was very amazing as the people were split up in 15 groups each representing the table they were placed on later for the banquet. I was in Mike Chambers team and we had great fun solving the puzzles the Daemon folks created for us. Idea of the hunt was to take pictures with a provided Polaroid cam and to create a collage afterwards.

To give you an idea: stepped into fountains, we broke into a running movie of the Imax cinema to take a flashy picture of ourselves, climbed on a closed caroussel etc…;) Pictures of that will follow. BTW: We didn’t win a prize but we were mentioned for heroism of breaking into a running movie.

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