Flash in the can: Saturday

by kai on 10/04/2005

After yesterdays light start of FITC, today we had day 1. I went to a lot of interesting sessions.

The first one was about debugging in Flash and ActionScript. The talk was given by Paul Ortchanian and in a very amusing way he introduced the audience in some basic considerations when it comes to testing and debugging with Flash. His slides and code examples are available online. Have a look on his unit test component, very interesting and seems easy to use.

After that I went to a panel session on copyright issues within the creative industry. Besides two layers they had the director of a game company and a university professor on the board and it was very interesting what to consider when dealing with copyrights and intellectual property in different situations.

In the afternoon I’ve been to Chafic’s session on State-Based Application Architectures. He brought up an example, a product he architected for his company. It is an online exam system for medical universities based on Flashcom, Flash Clients, Flash Remoting .NET and a big database. Special with this approach is that the database (…cluster) is responsible for keeping the state of the whole application which creates a quite high level of stability of the whole approach. They built a framework which allows to add new application states quite easy to change/extend the application.

To expect for tomorrow: Flex/Central by Daniel Dura, a Session on Flash/Flash Paper and Captivate and some more about project issues and client handling (urgs 😉

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