Flash in the can: days 2 and 3

by kai on 12/04/2005

Days two and three have at least been as interesting and exciting as day 1 was. I went to a lot of highly interesting session, for example “Web designers survival guide” by Kevin Airgid, “Flex Applications for the Desktop” by Daniel Dura and some more. But the two highlight in my point of view were:

“Integrating Flash Paper and Captivate content”, done by Peldi and “Trinity: A manifestation of the abstract” by Samual Agesilas.

The first one was just amazing, I never thought of those ways to put FlashPaper and Captivate content together in Rich Internet Applications. Did you know, that FlashPaper 2 documents as well as Captivate documents (which both basically are swfs, aren’t they) have APIs to cope with them. Awwwwweeeesome, gave me a lot of new ideas.

Trinity is a completely different thing. Bascially it’s some sort of framework for AS 2 development or better, it’s going to become one when they’re going to release their first public version in early summer. Besides being a framework, they intend to deliver a lot of tools/solutions around it already, for example a portal application, charting etc. Looked awesome and I took the chance to talk with Carlos and Sam a bit and their ideas really made me believe that Trinity will be worth a very close look!

Peldi April 12, 2005 at 12:00 am

hey kai, thanks for the good words. Glad you liked the presentation! I’m an loyal reader of your blog, glad to “pay back” a bit… 😉

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