CFUNITED: Thursday sessions

by kai on 01/07/2005

Just a brief overview on my yesterdays’ sessions: I went to a Fusebox session and learned a lot about the CF 7 Event gateways. At all I’ve been to three session on those: EG in general, how to build them and how to use the SMS gateway.

Interesting with this one is, that this approach seems to be really targeted to Europe and Japan. I mean, well, mobile networks and cell phone technology in the US still seems to be way behind Europe. I again met people who don’t have SMS (=text) functionality enabled in their contract because the network doesn’t support it.

That said, 3G is far away from being usable over here. In some areas you seem to be able to use EDGE but this is not a real repalcement for a UMTS-based network.

So, the SMS gateway is a thing people in Europe definately should use and I wonder why I haven’t seen anything running yet. A while ago I found a pre-paid SMSC online and I’ll give that a try later this summer. This technology offers a new range of possibilities and options for all type of web applications.I mean – for example shops and other e-Commerce sites (which are using CF quite often) will be able to confirm orders via SMS immediately after placing and processing. This would be a great add-on functionality which might be the point of uniqueness regarding competitors.

But – I’m losing track of my topic 😉 In the afternoon I attended a session on Leveraging Open Source tools for CF development and got a bunch of inspirations for further research. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to gain an insight of ColdFusion running as an appserver – for example to see which classes are instatiated internally, which methods are called internally etc. Well, there might be a way of doing this, watch out for an approach 😉

Nimers session on CF7 Forms was awesome as well. Eventually I got the chance to learn about XML Forms after by now I just played with the Flash Forms. Guys, XML Forms are really interesting as they’re supposed to be flexible as hell. You can skin them, preprocess them etc. Lot’s of stuff to look into.

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