webDU day 1 and 2

by kai on 07/03/2006

To make a long story short – I didn’t make it blogging on it properly. It was just too good to blog all the time.

Thursday I attended various sessions in the afternoon and the annual banquet afterwards. Then: Karaoke in the Irish pub and eventually lots of drinks on Finula’s (also known as “the bird from Microsoft”) tab in the casino bar. By the way – I promised Gav – the inventor of this term – not to comment on the events of this night. If you wanna read last year’s story: click here!

That said, I skipped the Friday morning keynote and went to my session afterwards. That was good and I got a pretty good feedback. After my session and a brief afternoon nap, I attended some more stuff and Saturday was the day of the famous Daemon-post-conference party. Again, this was one of the conference highlights, a big thanks to Geoff and Julie for having tons of people over in their house and yard!

If you wanna get an idea of all that: Flickr might help you!

Gav March 8, 2006 at 12:00 am

I was well behaved on the night, so you can say what you like! ;-p

Also, we should publicly thank the bird from Microsoft for the free beer again! Go Finula!

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