Powermail – the end of the story

by kai on 11/08/2007

The other week, I’ve blogged about my struggle to find a mail client on the Mac to suit my needs.

After working with Powermail, I’m pretty happy now. The software is great, works very well for me and I can really recommend it. Apparently a few people who work with particular IMAP server setup have major issues, but that didn’t concern me as I just want it to be my POP3 client anyway – so all good from that end.

The downside though is that I’m particular unhappy and disappointed about their ordering process and the resulting customer experience on my end. I’ve ordered online, provided my CC details and first thing I got is that they don’t process the transactions automatically but that a human had to look at them.

Fair enough, but slightly annoying if the trial limitation even within the first 30 days is to have a maximum number of 200 mails in your email client or you’d be unable to send/receive at all.

So I sent them an email explaining my situation and asked how long the processing would take. They came back to me a day later saying they’d process it asap. Nothing happened. Nothing happened. Nothing happened. In the meantime (3 days) I’ve sent another email explaining my situation again. No response. Finally I was totally fed up, sent them an email saying something along the lines, “Hey guys, can’t be THAT hard to process a CC and generate a license key. Please let me know if you’re able to do that by close of business today, in case that’s not going to work out, please cancel my order.” I got my license key later that day, along with an email stating reasons such as “We had two orders from NZ and one CC processing failed and thought it was you, but we mixed up the two customers blabla”.

Hmm, what do we learn from that? Things can go wrong and process could be delayed. But if a customer who’s willing to give you money feels not valued and not listened to, he will finally be ready to walk away. Same with the failed CC processing – how about letting your customer know? Even if they thought my CC payment had failed – why haven’t they let me know? I mean, they’re not a corporate but apparently not a one man show – in this type of company setting, I’d expect a bit more personal contact/attachment to your customer.

Oh, another piece of information – from the next release on, the Powermail trial will be extended from 200 mails to the incredible number of 1000 mails. Great…:) I hope that someone from Powermail will read this – if yes, let me please ask you in which world are you living in?

What they should do is as easy as it could be: Provide a 30 day trial with FULL functionalities, let people import 27 million emails if they want to, let them play with it, figure out if the software works for them or not – but after 30 days, lock the software totally until they’ve provided a registration key.

Anyway – the software itself is great for what I need it to provide, but their service/trial license/communication/order handling could be improved.

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