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by kai on 30/07/2007

The other day I’ve blogged about my struggle to find a well suited email client for Mac OS X.

I’ve decided to give another try, but I was heavily disappointed. Although the client is nice it just didn’t work properly to import my huge mailbox files and it took literally minutes to render particular folder (a few thousand emails in one folder seems to be the maximum it could cope with). CPU load went through the roof and I had to restart it every few hours. Very bad experience for me…

So, research went on and I finally found PowerMail which seems to be it in terms of my needs and also in terms of dealing with huge amounts of emails. The import of my 200something mbox files went flawlessly and in a very reasonable amount of time, handling and speed are fine and the filtering mechanism suits me well.

The drawback (for some people) might be that it comes with a price tag of 49 Euros. Given that I’ve always paid for my email clients during the last 5-6 years (TheBat! is not free either), that’s not an issue for me, I’m very happy to pay for good software that actually does what I need 🙂

I’m a bit disappointed about their trial handling though. The 30 day trial is limited to 200 emails in your database. If you have more, the trial doesn’t allow you to receive and send emails. That particularly defeats the purpose of a trial in my case as I need to test it with huge amounts of email, which was a bit of an annoyance. Anyway – it works fine for me and I’ve ordered it online. Sadly their process takes a human to look into it which means a further delay. I suppose they’re based somewhere in Europe, so I expect to hear back from them later tonight!

David Bevington November 8, 2007 at 12:00 am

I found your blog on Powermail. I am in an interesting situation. I use a mac at work (since nov ’06). I am from a Windows background and use The Bat! on this platform. I am looking for an email client that provides some of that programs features I am used to on the Pc on the mac. I feel that this is the major drawback to me making the full time switch to Macs. I do not mind paying for the right email client!
Do you still like Powermail? I use and can work around its inconsistencies. Its imap support is better than The Bat!’s though. Much else is not as good. I miss many features. Your mention of the bat! prompted my reply. Have you tried gyazmail? It looks interesting.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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