webDU 2008 Trading Card Game

by kai on 30/05/2008

As you all know, webDU (formerly known as MXDU) is some sort of a special event for me. Besides the facts that it coined Diane‘s and my love for the southern hemisphere, that we’ve got married one day before MXDU 2004 (actually on the n-th birthday of Geoff “Legendary Creature” Bowers who was also my best man) and that I’ve found my first job (and therefore the entry ticket to NZ) at webDU 2005, it’s just a great conference.

Easy as. I would even go as far as to say it’s the best conference ever, full of love for speakers and attendees and great organizers. Apparently a lot of people agree with that – it’s even an annual fight for the travel tickets to webDU among Adobe’s evangelists.

So far for the last minute ticket marketing blurb 🙂 But anyway – this post is about something totally new and exciting. This year’s webDU will deliver attendees the ultimate excitement: The webDU Trading Card Game (aka webDU TCG). Geoff, Minty and his incredible team at Nectarine and I came up with a game that will cast shadows on stuff such as Pokemon and Magic the Gathering.

There have been some sneak previews around throughout the last few days and how could I not join in after The Mischievous Sprite and The Legendary Creature have sneaked some blurred versions of their cards…introducing The ColdFusion Monster:


One might actually notice that my card, unlike Tim and Geoff, doesn’t have a points value – figure it out but trading cards and rules and use me for your deck. Bribes are very welcome, no public offers of sexual favors please, as you know, I’m married, please limit the latter to private events at my hotelroom 🙂

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