Webstock Trading Card Game – final wrap-up

by kai on 23/03/2009

This blogpost was sitting in a text file on my hard drive for quite a while now and I finally finished it last night.

It’s going to be the final wrap-up of the Webstock 09 trading card game, Minty and I’ve run at the conference. Besides pushing out the complete results table, I also want to go over a few statistics.

The bandwith of the scores achieved by the players was 287 to 672.5. The median score is 477.5 (that’s the score 50% of the players are above and 50% are below of) and the average score is 485.86.

This is the top ten leaderboard (Full scores will be on the Webstock blog later…:)

1. Kat Hardisty

2. Simon Green

3. Dan Roberts

4. Matt Saunders

5. Adrian Butcher

6. Jeremy Arnold

7. Adrienne, Sally, Alex, Wayne, Sarah, Zaid (LINZ Web Team)

8. Charles Cook

9. Louise Lum

10. Brian Logan

Kat’s winning deck was as following below:

Bruce Sterling
Derek Featherstone
Michael Lopp
Meg Pickard
Damian Conway
Mike Brown
Jane McGonigal
Toby Segaran
Ben Goodger
David Recordon
Ze Frank

The rules basically offered two scoring mechanisms. The first iteration was to calculate an individual score per card, combined of base value and modification rules (adding/subtracting resp. multiplying/dividing). The second iteration looked at the complete deck of each player and scored the deck looking at the categories of the cards – the more categories were part of the deck, the more points a player got.

Looking at the individual cards scores, I thought it would be interesting to see what the best individually placed cards were. Interestingly enough, it was again Kat who did best here:

Kat Hardisty: 192 points for Meg Pickard
Dan Roberts: 168 points for Jasmina Tesanovic
Adrian Butcher: 160 points for Jasmina Tesanovic
Simon Green: 142 points for Heather Champ
Brian Logan 108 points for Heather Champ
Robin Clarke: 102 points for Bruce Sterling
Alan Mainwaring: 102 points for Bruce Sterling

Kat’s success with playing Meg’s card was mainly driven by the placement of it next to other cards that had a tremendously well-scoring effect on Meg’s card.

Which cards were used for the final decks anyway? Here are the top ten most-used cards:

Bruce Sterling: 54 times
Ze Frank: 49 times
Meg Pickard: 48 times
Fiona Romeo: 38 times
Mike Brown: 37 times
Pamela Fox: 37 times
Tash: 36 times
Tom Coates: 36 times
Derek Featherstone: 36 times
Jasmina Tesanovic: 35 times

Obviously that doesn’t say anything about the successful use of those cards, but it gives a least a bit of an indication what _might_ be a good deck.

The second scoring iteration which calculated the categories used didn’t have that much of an impact of the final scores as the card scores had. But it could be the deciding factor because each individual category scored 15 points. Again Kat scores top here with 11 individual categories in her deck, the only other player managing to do so was Rebecca Robertson. The range of categories achieved in the decks was 5 to 11.

By the way – there’s a reasonably easy way to improve Kat’s deck by 3 points to 675.5 (if I calculated it correctly 🙂 Interested to see if anyone manages to find out how.

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