What’s wrong with those people and their animals :) ?

by kai on 17/07/2008

It seems some people I know and who are also more or less heavily involved in the Adobe community have a reasonably “different” relationship to (their) animals.

Let’s start with Kay. Well known blogger, friend and co-worker of mine and a fellow Adobe Ambassador. Back in the days, she used to own a goat. Fair enough and that’s why she ended up with the (not that well known) nickname goatlady. But really, did you have to name her (SHE was female) Kai? Seriously, come on!

Let’s move on to – hmmm… how about Minty. Minty is part of Nectarine, the guys who do the awesome animations in Flash, remember? For whatever reason, Tim Buntel’s daughter Emma named her crayfish (some sort of a school project) Minty. With both Emma and Minty being in Sydney for webDU 2008, this turned out to be a very funny story. I’m not going into all the funny stories she also told us about her lovely parents, Wendy and Tim – Tim bribed us with a life-long Flex Builder X subscription – so can’t talk about it 🙂

The beautiful thing is that Minty actually tried to envisage himself as a crayfish and posted about this traumatic experience. At least Minty was the one crayfish of the whole class who survived the longest time. I wonder if he’s still around – maybe Tim could provide some update on this matter of importance.

And that (animals living in water) brings us back to the Smoljak clan in Perth. Besides a strong love for goats Kay also has 2 Siamese Fighting Fish . Oh Dear – the replacement for Fish 1.0 Ronnie is now named Bruce. Well done! 🙂 Kay, remind me that I need to have a serious talk with your mum about all that when I’m in Perth in November.

Kay Smoljak August 12, 2008 at 12:00 am

Hey no fair – blogging about me when I’m not around to defend myself! Kai the goat came to us as a retiree from a dairy farm. She was a grand old dame (quite cranky too, and quick with a headbutt for people who annoyed her) and had held that name for quite some time. Sorry!

I don’t know what you’re gonna say about my cats – we call them “boy cat” and “girl cat”. They did come to us with regular cat names but they just never get used 🙂

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