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by kai on 16/07/2008

Web of the Piste 2008 is not to far away – August 20 and 21, 2008. For all those of you not knowing the conference from last year, it’s a RIA technology event down in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Diane and I went down there last year and we had a lot of fun staying in Queenstown, experiencing the snow, we drove up to Wanaka for a day etc. Oh, besides all that fun there was a conference as well 🙂 – which was very good. A highly interested crowd of AU/NZ people willing to learn and to exchange thoughts on RIA. Besides Adobe with Flash and Flex, MSFT also presented on Silverlight and showed a few quite interesting things from their RIA framework.

This year’s list of speakers and the agenda are again looking very interesting The underlying topic this year is usability in the web and in RIAs in particular although there are a bunch of other sessions that dive into RIA development from a more technical angle.

Web on the Piste 2008 Speaker

Anyway – if you’re in NZ and working in the fields of RIAs, it’s a must, really. And if you’re in AU or even further away, another reason to make the trip might be to get a nice break in the awesome scenery of Queenstown – just the flight TO Queenstown itself is just great!

Thee are just a few tickets left and registration is still open, no early bird anymore though 🙂 – so if you want to go, decide soon!

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