Pilots have to sit here :-)

by kai on 24/12/2008

This is going to be one of the last entries for this year, I suppose. It’s a funny one, but also at least somewhat related to Flash and Flex *g*

Air New Zealand have recently rebuilt their Frequent Flyer portal using Flex. That’s cool in general, I don’t like the way how particular things have been done and are integrated with the site, but I understand they apparently had to push it out and are working on fixing issues here and there.

BTW, if anyone from Air NZ reads that by any chance: your frequent flyer portal now breaks ANY mobile device, i.e. Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone etc. That seriously sucks.

Another Flash application they’ve been using for quite a while is a seat selector, i.e. they allow people to pick their own seats. When I was doing that for a flight to Brisbane the other day, I tried to put myself on one of the pilot seats – hey, I’m a pilot after all – and I got the following result 🙂


Merry Christmas everyone!

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