Apple vs Adobe vs HTML 5 vs Apple vs Flash vs whatever

by kai on 30/04/2010

I’m fed up. It’s enough. Thx. I don’t care who started it; I don’t care why Steve and Shantanu don’t want to play with each other’s companies anymore and I’m seriously fed up with everyone talking about nothing else.

Disclaimer: I’m a Flex and Flash developer myself and I personally would have really liked to see any form of Flash support for the iPhone or iPad. But maybe it’s time that everyone moves on. I for my part will continue to do Flash and Flex and use lots of other Adobe tools because there are a lot of cases in which those technologies make a lot of sense. But I will also continue to be a good Apple customer and buy Macs and iPhones and probably an iPad at some stage.

Rob May 1, 2010 at 6:53 am

Only an Apple fan would write this post. That article Steve Jobs wrote is outrageously dishonest. You “don’t care” about that?

kai May 1, 2010 at 8:59 am

Yep, agree. As a lot of public statements a bunch of marketing/sales people do every day. I’m not saying SJ is right, I’m just saying – it’s enough, I can’t be bothered anymore with everyone speaking about nothing else. Move on, let him hate Flash for right or wrong reasons – Adobe should turn around and show the capabilities of Flash on mobiles and make the promises they (and Macromedia) haven been making for years a reality.

infocyde May 1, 2010 at 11:25 am

Betrayed but still loyal, the cult of Jobs holds a powerful sway over its members.

There are no good guys, only companies making a profit. Maybe open source is the way to go.

Justin L May 8, 2010 at 4:33 am

the irony is that apple and adobe take nearly identical approaches, and everything jobs says in criticism of adobe is equally applicable to apple. for example:

apple writes closed, proprietary, vendor-locked software, and forces you to use their environment to target it. no windows development for iphones, no languages the boss doesn’t ok, no features or content the boss finds objectionable, and of course, you pay for the privilege. but jobs criticizes adobe for having vendor-locked tools.

apple writes unmanaged, potentially exploitable software in a 20 year old language that also wastes a lot of cpu time on dynamic binding. adobe has similar security and performance issues, jobs criticizes them for it.

jobs says he can’t support flash because one vendor chooses the specs, then he turns around and says he can’t support flash because it’s intended to be portable and apple therefore can’t add vendor-specific extensions.

both vendors have locked, closed, proprietary, inefficient, untrustworthy platforms. both vendors embrace, extend, and extinguish a few data format standards and call themselves open.

really nothing could be better for the rest of us who have been saying all along that the little apple/adobe bubble couldn’t be less open, free, individualistic, creative, and thinking different from the worst of microsoft’s tactics.

apple and adobe are doing more with their little spat to expose their combined closed-ness than all the voices of reason outside the scene ever could.

Joel Fiser June 16, 2010 at 10:44 am

I disagree.

Jobs attempt to use his current perch at the top of the heap to try to kill an excellent technology that’s good for the web and therefore good for the World is not so easily forgotten.

He’s shown he cannot be trusted with that kind of power and I’ll do anything I can (technologically speaking) to help bring about his and his company’s demise.

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