Transforming Pamela Fox :)

by kai on 14/02/2009

Just some more insights into running the Webstock Trading Card Game πŸ™‚

When we planned the cards, photos of the speakers served as templates for the beautiful comic faces on the cards. At some point late the week before last the final layouts and everything were sent off to the printer and Mike dropped off the cards at my place this morning.

Unfortunately running a Trading Card Game at a conference sometimes requires some “creativity”. Just the other day, Google’s Pamela Fox decided to dye her hair. I saw it on Twitter and she posted photos on Flickr. Great. And that after her actual card comic face’s hair was beautifully modelled according to her Twitter image (blondish hair with a touch of blue at the front) πŸ™‚

(Note to myself: Make conference organisers have people on cards sign a contract not to change their appearance after printer deadline)

Anyway – luckily I have a huge collection of Adobe-branded promo Sharpie pens in all sort of colours – image shows the three I thought would become useful for this undertaking…


With those I managed to create a prototype card of the “real” Pamela Fox – picture shows before (left) and after (right). Oh – and yes, this is technically another sneak preview card, but I just give you the score here.


Sweet so far, 1 done – 599 to go. Mike, can I expense and invoice Webstock about 10 new pens of each colour? πŸ™‚

Or… maybe I get Pamela to sign the unique prototype and sell it on TradeMe? Hmm, so many choices πŸ™‚

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