My new desk: awesome laptop and monitor stands for Macbook Pro

by kai on 16/07/2010

Well, it’s technically not a new desk, but rather a new desk/workstation layout. Thomas from World Sweet World, a friend of mine, is very talented when it comes to crafts, working with wood, renovating and building furniture and so much more. About three years ago, I saw an awesome laptop stand for his MacBook Pro in his office and I wanted one. As it usually happens – he didn’t have the time to make me one at the time, we forgot about it etc. 🙂

But now – the topic recently crept up again and yesterday I picked up my new laptop stand (and the corresponding monitor stand). This is the “before” photo of my desk:

It could certainly be worse – it was still not good though. The desk is full of stuff, the laptop is obviously way to low etc. Now let’s have a look at the new layout:

Wow – screens on the same height, lots of cables gone, the permanent external hard drive is below the stand, so are my two mobiles hooked into USB for charging. Here’s the laptop stand a bit closer:

Solid craftsmanship, yay. What you can’t see btw is that the angled surface the laptop sits on has a built-in ventilation system, great for a Macbook Pro… It looks great and it’s just awesome! Thx so much Thomas (and make sure to follow the World Sweet World blog if you’re interested in DIY/MIY)

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