CFML – alive and kicking at CFCamp and CFAcademy in Germany

by kai on 06/08/2012

Quite often one is told that ColdFusion is dead, old and proprietary. That’s actually not quite true even though I can see where people are coming from – ColdFusion doesn’t seem to be as posh and fancy as the poster children of web development such as Rails and Node. Fair enough. However, there’s more to CFML than just only Adobe ColdFusion.

A lot of people don’t even know that there are two well established open source CFML engines out there: there’s Railo and there’s OpenBD. Where am I going with this? CFCamp 2012 – a two day conference to happen later this year (October 15/16, 2012) in Germering (western suburbs of Munich) will be the only event I could think of for a very long time that will have all three major CFML engines at the event. Just for that I’d kind of consider it to be a must-visit for anyone doing CFML in Germany and at least the surrounding countries. Even better – most of the sessions will be held in English, therefore even if one is in the UK or any other country and able to understand/speak English, CFCamp 2012 should be on your watch list.

Additionally to the two days of conferencing, Michi Hnat and his event team have put on CFAcademy – a three day training event providing half and full days of expert-led courses around CFML, but also covering other areas in the fields of more general web development: jQuery, jQueryMobile or web security.

And by the way – I’m offering full day workshops on Developing mobile web applications with jQuery Mobile(October 18, 2012) andRegular Expressions are our friends (October 17, 2012). One can actually book the trainings totally independently from CFCamp as well 🙂

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