CFCamp 2013 – Back in Germering

by kai on 14/04/2013

The last two CFCamp events in Munich have been such a success so that the team around Michi Hnat is putting it on again. CFCamp 2013 will happen on October 14 and 15 (Monday and Tuesday) in Germering (right next to Munich).

I’m blogging about it now, because I want to make people aware of the event – it’s great, very well organised and absolutely worthwhile attending even if you’re not from Germany. All conference sessions are being held in English and last year there were a lot of people from all over Europe attending (and the odd non-Europeans such as Ray Camden and myself)

I’ll be back, too – and now that I had enough time to plan it, there’s at least no hassle in regards to flights etc this year. Everything is already booked and we’ve even already rented a house nearby for a few days.

It gets better. I’ve already got my sessions sorted out with Michi. I’ll be doing two conference talks, not sure what the story about a separate half-day or full-day workshop is yet, but that’ll be worked out soon.

Anyway, my conference talks will be:

  • “Regular Expression Clinic”
    This session will cover common issues people are experiencing when they have to deal with text or pattern matching. Besides common use cases it’ll also explain some (perceived) more advanced and obscure concepts such a referencing parts of an expression, look aheads and more.
  • “There’s a time and a place…”
    A technology-independent talk about time, timezones, places, locales, unicode and other fun. You won’t believe the obscurities that come along when one is having to deal with timezones. I couldn’t believe it myself when I was discovering some of those…

If you have any particular demands or ideas for those talks, let me know in the comments and I might accommodate them!

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