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by kai on 20/04/2013

Today, Mark and I recorded and published episode number 30 of our 2DDU Podcast with the awesome title “Broken Code, Rayguns, Enterprise Software and an ark”. We were joined by a guest: my friend and web entrepreneur John-Daniel Trask.

It was a really good and fun recording. We spoke about a whole lot of different things, starting with JD’s new project – a cloud-based error logging and tracking service. Very cool (and pretty) project and I’ve written a CFML API provider for it, just in case you want to use it with Adobe ColdFusion or Railo.

We also talked about the importance of the user interface, the Novopay debacle in NZ and how enterprise software (the likes of Oracle Forms, Adobe Lifecycle, Microsoft Sharepoint etc) now jump on the HTML5 bandwagon and what might or might not happen with that. Brief note: I’ve recently looked at some of the code the aforementioned tools create and most of it really makes me want to cry. All you people out there who thought Flash and Flex was evil for the web…? Wait until the enterprise software vendors roll out their “interpretation” of HTML5.

We talked about the tech stack behind Raygun (Interesting choice, they’ve used Mono on an AWS infrastructure for the core parts of the backend) and jumped on to Glacier and my experience of backing up into Glacier using the Mac OS X tool Arq.

Towards the end there’s the unavoidable Mercurial banter and both JD and Mark teamed up against me. Booooo! That’ll teach me a lesson 🙂

Anyway: Go, get it now! And leave feedback after you listened to it!

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