And there is also the 2DDU podcast… episode 29 is available now

by kai on 06/04/2013

Today, Mark and I recorded episode 29 of the 2DDU podcast. Yeah, I know – we haven’t done anything for the last nearly 4 months and I absolute acknowledge that. Anyway, we’re back. Today’s episode covers a whole list of stuff:

  • Conferences we attended this year (Mark: RubyConf AU, Kai: Webstock)
  • Conferences either of us or both of us plan to attend. Quite a long list:
    • PyCon AU (Kai)
    • cfObjective (Kai)
    • D2Wc (Kai)
    • Strangeloop (Mark & Kai)
    • CFCamp (Kai)
    • Lambda Jam Brisbane (Mark, maybe)
    • YOW! Melbourne (Mark)
  • Distributed Version Control – what’s the future of Mercurial (looking at the vast success of Git) and what are the options to host Mercurial in-house after Kiln on premise doesn’t seem to be actively sold anymore to new clients. Atlassian’s really nice Stash is Git-only at this stage.
  • IntelliJ 12.1 is out – what’s new and which plugins have we experienced to work well/not that well yet?
  • Ruby/JRuby vs. Python/Jython – what’s the story with some languages being very popular on the JVM and others not so much?
  • Some CFML-related news:
  • Error tracking with and Mark’s efforts in OpenGL and LWJGL.

Make sure you grab episode 29 – it’s available on the podcast website for streaming, download or via your preferred podcast delivery system (aka iTunes) 🙂

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