IntelliJ 12.1 has been released

by kai on 13/04/2013

Recently the Jetbrains team have released IntelliJ 12.1. It’s a free upgrade for owners of IntelliJ 12, therefore it was a no-brainer for me to apply the upgrade – and IntelliJ is my default go-to-IDE anyway.

Unfortunately there are no noticeable new features or fixes for the CFML plugin that made it into version 12.1. I’m using IntelliJ for other related web development though, and there are a few things worth being mentioned:

  • Support for Coffeescript and Typescript has massively improved
  • The Flex plugin supports the Apache Flex SDK as well as the Adobe Gaming SDK now

Mark also said that there was some interesting new stuff in the Ruby plugin, but I can’t remember what exactly that was 🙂

Anyway – if you’re using IntelliJ, 12.1 is an upgrade you should def. go for. If you’re not using IntelliJ (yet), you should consider giving it a go!



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