A Friday challenge for Vodafone NZ, Telecom NZ and 2degrees Mobile

by kai 17/09/2010

New Zealand is a small country in the South Pacific. We’re far away from the rest of the world, have a quite large landmass (about the size of Germany) and very few people to fill it with (about 4.5 million compared to Germany’s 80 million). This setting creates an interesting scenario for a bunch of industries, among them the telecommunications sector.

One of the most expensive services in New Zealand (compared to pricing in other countries as well as the average income and cost of living) is using a mobile phone and in particularly data on a mobile phone. At this stage New Zealanders can use three mobile networks, provided by Vodafone NZ, Telecom NZ and 2degrees mobile. There are also a few virtual network operators like Orcon, Compass Communications and others who pretty much re-bundle offerings from one of the three large players under their own brand – I’ll keep them at the side at this stage.

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30 days of me – day 8

by kai 16/09/2010

I’m quite late today. Actually it’s even borderline just “today” 🙂

Today topic is three short-term goals for this month. 14 more days…

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30 days of me – day 7

by kai 15/09/2010

I actually thought quite a bit about that. Obvious answers would probably have been: My parents (and their way of upbringing me), Diane, my/our friends, my work, our move to the other end of the world and some other things. I think all of those would have been totally valid ideas. I decided to go with someone different for day 7 though.

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30 days of me – day 6

by kai 14/09/2010

Today’s post is about my favourite super hero. It’s actually Cold Fusion.

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30 days of me – day 5

by kai 13/09/2010

A picture of somewhere I’ve been to. Easy as – you’ve learnt in day 1 that I travel a lot. So – let’s see….digging through iPhoto photos…here we go…

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30 days of me – day 4

by kai 12/09/2010

A habit I wish I didn’t have… I would love to say there’s nothing and I’m perfect – but I know that some people would right away come up with something along those lines…

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30 days of me – day 3

by kai 11/09/2010

A picture of you and your friends… Ha, tricky one as I needed to actually dig through other people’s iPhoto libraries to find pictures on which I am shown myself. Even more difficult if you have multiple circles of friends on different continents. So – I decided to go with three photos instead of one.

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30 days of me – day 2

by kai 10/09/2010

Today is about the meaning and the heritage of the name of this blog.

Back in 2003 Marcus (AgentM) and I were both working at msg at.NET – a Macromedia Solution Partner in Germany at that time. I was mainly doing CF and Java and Marcus was the resident Spectra guru (the whole Flex and AIR stuff was still in it’s early childhood days back then).

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30 days of me – day 1

by kai 09/09/2010

Ok, today I’m supposed to post a recent picture of me and 15 interesting facts about myself. Great. Gosh, how do I start. Maybe with the photo… That’s how recent it gets. It shows me and a reasonably annoyed @karoricat. Now to the 15 random/interesting facts: 1. I grew up in a tiny tiny tiny […]

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#30daysofme – here we go, day 0 (and day 1 later today :)

by kai 09/09/2010

The #30daysofme hashtag virus is spreading among my friends quite badly at the moment, so that’s how I got But hey – at least it forces me to get back to this blog more often for the next 30 days (at least).

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