Apple opened iTunes for European users

by kai on 16/06/2004

Yoohoo, Apple finally made it and opened up their iTunes shop for European users (at least for UK, France and Germany). That’s great because they offer a very huge archive of songs for a very reasonable pricing. Apple takes 0.99 Eurocent per song or 9.99 Euros for a complete album (at least for the most of them).

But the big advantage is that they use a very user-friendly DRM concept. The songs are delivered as AAC files as if I got them right, you’re allowed to burn single songs as much as you like and you’ll got a limitation of seven burning procedures per individual and unchanged iTunes playlist (but I didn’t try that yet). By the way, of course you’re allowed to copy the files on your iPod 😉

Compared to the stuff which was available in Germany before iTunes showed up (Popfile, OD2 and some others…) iTunes is so sweet, guys! The former offers of commercial music downloads sucked in a lot of ways: up to 2 Euros per song, dongleing the song to the one computer you downloaded it, no way to burn the songs etc.

So – iTunes is THE WAY, and I’m sure that Apple will have success in Europe with it…!

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