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by kai on 19/08/2004

Two days ago I attached my iPod (3rd Generation) to an amplifier and to my car. I wondered about the fact it was very difficult to get it to play music loud, I had to pull up the volume of the device and the amplifier dramatically.Strange…Hmmm…today I found the solution. Apple limited the possible volume of the iPod for European devices. No idea why – are European ear more sensible when it comes to listening to music played very loud? 🙂

But who cares, the solution is a nice tool called iMod, available here, which removes the volume cap of the European iPods. I own a 3rd generation device, so I have no idea yet, if the new series of European iPods is also limited in that way. But I’ll find out as my wife got one of the new iPods for a while which I will have to provide with a firmware update during the weekend…args 😉

Using that opportunity, here’s some more handy iPod stuff:

Art 4 iTunes:

iStory (Build your own text adventures for on your iPod and play them on the device):

Brandon Purcell described how to use Hymn to get some regular mp3-files from the stuff you bought in the Apple iTunes shop:

DON’T STEAL MUSIC – just for private use – DON’T STEAL MUSIC

mike chambers August 20, 2004 at 12:00 am

FYI, there is an EU work space safety regulation that restricts the volume of devices, such as the ipod.

mike chambers

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