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by kai on 13/09/2004

Here’s a list of public sessions, Ed Sullivan (the Macromedia User Group Program Manager) sent around some while ago. Feel free to watch:

Session: Lip Syncing in Flash
Speaker: Team Macromedia Member, Chris Georgenes
Description: Learn how to lip sync animations using Flash

Session: Flash Video Kit
Speaker: Macromedia Director of Product Marketing, Chris Hock
Description: Sneak peek at the Flash Video Kit

Session: C3, FP@ and WPS
Speaker: Lawson Hancock & Erik Larson

Session: Intro to Flash for CF Users
Speaker: Christian Cantrell

Session: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2
Speaker: Waleed Anbar

Session: Drawing and Animating a Character in Macromedia Flash MX 2004
Speaker: Team Macromedia Member, Chris Georgenes
Description: Many animators use Macromedia Flash for detailed vector-based animation. One of the strengths of Flash is its versatile workflow and production process. I have developed some custom techniques that can help you create and manage the various moving parts of a complex animated character.

Session: Customizing and Extending Dreamweaver MX 2004
Speaker: Team Macromedia Member, Danilo Celic
Description: Learn how to modify Macromedia Dreamweaver preferences and appearance, as well as how to add new functionality to Dreamweaver so that it works best for you and your projects.

Session: CSS for Dreamweaver
Speaker: Macromedia Dreamweaver Product Evangelist, Greg Rewis
Description: Get an in-depth review of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and the new Dreamweaver features for designing with CSS. Find out how to replace table-based pages with more precise CSS positioning, create styles for fonts and links, modify styles, and export and link style sheets. You’ll also see the newest features for cross-browser validation, improved table editing, and importing formatted
Microsoft Word and Excel content.

Session: Delegating Web Content Updates with Macromedia Contribute
Speaker: Macromedia Product Manager, Lawson Hancock
Description: Share the responsibility for website updates without losing the control. Contribute 2 allows non technical users to update, add, and publish web content – while you maintain control of your site’s style, layout, permissions and code. This session shows how Contribute 2 can be combined with Dreamweaver MX 2004 templates and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to extend the reach of web standards while relieving web professionals and webmasters from the burden of day-to-day updates.

Session: Director MX 2004 New Features, Putting It All Together
Speaker: Macromedia Product Engineer, Thomas Higgins
Description: Director MX 2004 now includes support for DVD video playback, come see how quickly this new feature can be incorporated into your Director projects. This will be a walkthrough of how to use Flash Components, Movies in a Window, projector publishing and more to quickly and easily create a DVD viewer application for both Macintosh and Windows users. This session is meant to demonstrate some of the key changes found in Director MX 2004, there will be time left for questions and answers that can cover any and all topics related to Macromedia Director and the Shockwave player.

Session: Advanced Development Techniques in CFML
Speaker: Team Macromedia member, Simon Horwith
Description: In this presentation, advanced CFML techniques will be discussed. Topics include CFSCRIPT, XML, and advanced techniques with ColdFusion Components and Custom Tags.

Session: Using Dreamweaver Templates and CSS to Design and Maintain Web Sites
Speaker: Macromedia Asia Pacific Sales Engineer, Brian Chau
Description: Find out how to replace table-based pages with more precise CSS positioning, create styles for fonts and links, modify styles, and export and link style sheets. Together with the template feature of Dreamweaver, updating the entire look and feel of the site is a breeze.

Session: Introduction to RoboHelp
Speaker: Macromedia Product Manager, Michael Hamilton
Description: See how easy it is to improve the usability of your applications by quickly adding an online Help system. RoboHelp is the fastest, easiest way to create professional Help systems and documentation for web applications, including Rich Internet Applications.

Session: Flex for Java Users
Speaker: Macromedia Sales Engineer, Kevin Hoyt
Description: Macromedia Flex lets developers build rich user interfaces using standards-based XML and JavaScript/ECMAScript languages, a class library of components, and powerful runtime services. Flex runs on top of Java application servers and leverages service-oriented architectures so that developers can create user interfaces that combine the rich interactivity of the desktop with the reach of the web. Join us to learn what Flex is, how it works, and see it in action.

Session: Flash for Artists
Speaker: Macromedia Certified Trainer, Arthur Phillips
Description: Start unleashing the full power of Macromedia Flash tools for artists. Chrome, bevels, flares, soft shadows, and more can all be made with the powerful tools in Flash.

Session: eLearning Development with Authorware 7
Speaker: Macromedia Software Engineer, Andrew Chemey
Description: Review key aspects of the learning management systems (LMS) environment and the relevant standards. See a demonstration of Authorware 7 features and techniques that facilitate the design, development, and testing of eLearning for an LMS environment.

Session: Designing with Dreamweaver
Speakers: Macromedia Dreamweaver Product Team
Description: Covering layout for tables, CSS, layers, Fireworks integration and using. This presentation is designed for customers to interact via Breeze Live with the Macromedia Dreamweaver product team. Please be prepared to ask questions regarding the above topics.

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