Live blogging about Ben on Blackstone IV

by kai on 08/09/2004

After cake, sweets, fruits and tons of coffee…

– Printing and Reporting: always a mess to define proper print output and to define reporting formats.

– Blackstone solution:
* CFDOCUMENT with attribute format=”pdf” creates a pdf file.
* Embedding CFLOOP in a CFDOCUMENT wrapper works, also with dynamic data inside
* CFDOCUMENTITEM with type=”header” or type=”footer” etc. helps layouting documents for printing. There are attributes like CFDOCUMENT.currentpage also to sort your pages.
* CFDOCUMENTSECTION helps structuring documents
* Great feature: CFDOCUMENT with format=”flashpaper” creates a Flashpaper 2 from ColdFusion
* CFDOCUMENT allows total control of the layout and the document style. Anchors and hyperlinks are supported. Ben showed a HTML/CSS page which looks nearly identical in the created pdf and fit perfectly to the page

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