Another code name: ColdFusion “Scorpio”

by kai on 29/06/2005

“Scorpio” is the code name for the new ColdFusion major release. Work on it started but obviously there is no release or even preview yet 🙂

Ben just talked about the directions they’re heading to:

– continue to innovate regarding frontend and functionality
– allow to monitor, access and understand the internals of the server

Especially the latter would be a vast move, and I’d love to see that!

barry.b June 30, 2005 at 12:00 am

I realise it’s early days yet but…
“- continue to innovate regarding frontend and functionality”

I hope not at the expence to efforts to improve the back end (CFC’s, cfquery, etc) and the core language. Officially document some of the undocumented query and serviceFactory functionality would be a great start.

cfdocument, cfreport, cfform, et al are all “innovative frontend” technologies – and all of them are useless when push comes to shove. We can’t use flashpaper because, unlike PDF, the user can’t save it for later.

Big whiz-bangs for promoting CF7 and unusable for us – far too easy to hit the boundries of what they can do. We’ve given up on cfdocument and the antiquated iText java libraries it uses – were using the latest iText jars and wrapping the java calls in CF – pushing far past what cfdocument can do. We *had* to…

And don’t get me started on how limiting cfform is – sure some people can do good things with it but in a very narrow sence. It’s not all things to all people.

the Gateways are a damn good idea but all of our 150+ clients have “standard” installs (their own licences), not “enterprise”.

All in all, CF7 was just a bunch of bug fixes for us. Lets hope that CF8 has more “substance” in it.

my (disapointed) 2c

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