BVDW guidelines for good usability (in German)

by kai on 25/03/2008

The BVDW (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft) in Germany has recently published a guidelines and recommendation document on usability. I came across it because Dirk Rosenbaum, one of the former directors of msg (where I used to work back in Germany as a software architect from 2001-2005), was one of the main editors of the publication.

It turned out to be a well done overview on usability and the importance in particular e-commerce applications. The document is written in a refreshing non-hardcore technical way so that one could give it the IT manager of a potential or actual client to have a look and read. Nice! It’s actually too bad that it’s not available in English, but anyone reading this who’s capable of reading German and interested in those topics should have a look.

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