30 days of me – day 5

by kai 13/09/2010

A picture of somewhere I’ve been to. Easy as – you’ve learnt in day 1 that I travel a lot. So – let’s see….digging through iPhoto photos…here we go…

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30 days of me – day 3

by kai 11/09/2010

A picture of you and your friends… Ha, tricky one as I needed to actually dig through other people’s iPhoto libraries to find pictures on which I am shown myself. Even more difficult if you have multiple circles of friends on different continents. So – I decided to go with three photos instead of one.

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Another one on i18n… the capital “ß”

by kai 01/07/2008

When one is talking about Unicode and i18n, usually part of any discussion is the question what exactly a character is. I’ll give you a typical example in German. Besides the well known “umlauts” (which are basically ä,ö,ü,Ä,Ö and Ü) there is one more character that usually causes some concern. The story behind the umlauts […]

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BVDW guidelines for good usability (in German)

by kai 25/03/2008

The BVDW (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft) in Germany has recently published a guidelines and recommendation document on usability. I came across it because Dirk Rosenbaum, one of the former directors of msg (where I used to work back in Germany as a software architect from 2001-2005), was one of the main editors of the publication. […]

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