You want to learn Finnish – do it with Flash Lite

by kai 16/10/2007

Flash Finnish v1.0: This one caught my particular interest because I used to learn Finnish…back in the days… 🙂 Flash Finnish is a very nice vocabulary software for your mobile phone which needs to run Flash Lite 2.0 or higher. I case you wonder why a German guy living in New Zealand used to learn […]

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Symbian s60 – new stuff

by kai 16/10/2007

Three more interesting things I’ve come across today in regards to my s60-based Nokia n93 phone: – Google Maps is now available as a native version on s60 phones – that’s handy for people who have a data plan with sufficient volume to look up maps online. You can get the install directly on your […]

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Vodafone NZ Vodem Mac OS X software

by kai 25/09/2007

I was having a bunch of trouble with my Vodem for the last few weeks. Particular when I was using it a bit further away from the CBD, it seemed to be very unstable while being connected to the network and it seemed that it had some issues when it tried to switch between the […]

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New stuff on Nokia beta labs

by kai 22/09/2007

As probably every company nowadays, Nokia has a beta labs site as well. They have a bunch of interesting stuff on there which I really recommend everyone having a look at who owns a reasonable modern (potentially series60 based) Nokia mobile. One of my personal highlights is the mobile web server. Very cool…!

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by kai 24/06/2007

Has anyone seen yet? It seems to be a stand-alone .swf player for Pocket PC – but based on the official ActiveX control from Macromedia/Adobe?

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Rant: Unabled to send protected object

by kai 02/03/2007

Sorry guys, this is going to be a rant about silly digital content protection behaviours on mobile devices. I one of the earlier post of this year, I’ve talked about the Nokia n93 – my new splendid mobile. I still love that phone, so the rant is not about the phone itself, it’s more about […]

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new phone: Nokia n93

by kai 02/02/2007

I’ve got myself a new mobile the other week: it had to be the Nokia n93. It’s an awesome multimedia machine with a 3.2 MP camera, 3 x optical zoom, video close to DVD quality and WLAN. It runs s60 3rd edition and I really love it 😉 Pretty awesome is also that Nokia finally […]

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No Flash Lite 2 for UIQ

by kai 26/01/2006

I’ve just been into an Adobe Breeze seminar on Flash Lite 2.0. It was pretty interesting in terms of the embracement of new technologies like video and sound playback, but to be honest – I don’t think it is going to become the major breakthrough I’ve expected. Another flaw is the limitation in terms of […]

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SE P910i-Outlook timezone issue…

by kai 16/01/2006

This was nearly killing me, aargs. When I got down here to New Zealand I changed the timezone of my laptop computer at home to the local time and changed the timezone of my P910i as well. Well, what happend was that all of my old calendar entries in Outlook on the PC were shifted […]

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3G phones / Flash Lite

by kai 25/01/2005

Just some days ago Macromedia announced Samsung taking over the Flash Lite 1.1 technology for their mobile handsets. That’s good news for people being interested in developing Flash Lite apps for cellphones and it will be interesting to observe if – and which – other companys will follow. Well, Samsung isn’t the top mobile brand […]

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