Agent K and the rest of the world

And then there was Webstock 2013 (day 1)

by kai 18/02/2013

I spent Thursday and Friday of last week at the awesome Webstock conference. I’m not gonna go into all the details of what it is, why it’s so awesome and why it sells out before they even put the programme together (I got asked the latter by a friend of mine who couldn’t believe the […]

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Adobe Connect (hosted): make sure your user profile timezone is correct

by kai 18/01/2013

The other day I was helping a client who are using Adobe Connect (hosted on the Adobe servers) and experienced an issue with scheduling meetings. What was basically happening was that when they scheduled a meeting it would always be created in US Pacific time. I do have admin access to their hosted Connect account, […]

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Trying to explain why I’m not an ACP anymore

by kai 14/01/2013

Recently a few people started to realise that I’m not an ACP (Adobe Community Professional) anymore and asked me why. This is going to be an explanation of how it came to this situation from my point of view. I want to make it very clear that I’m not looking back in anger and that […]

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Time travel

by kai 13/01/2013

About 10 years ago, Diane and I went to Australia for the first time ever. There will probably be a special blog post to celebrate the occasion at some stage in February. Today I just got reminded of the trip because an “anonymous friend” of mine sent me this: Now go back in time to […]

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Installing Railo 4.0.2 on Debian

by kai 13/01/2013

I recently installed Railo 4.0.2 on a Debian server and it was an absolutely smooth ride. I essentially followed the installation guide provided in the Railo wiki. It’s really straight forward, but let’s go through the steps. Start here: Installation:InstallerDocumentation:LinLaunching Most likely (on a web server environment) you won’t have a UI available to you. […]

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And Adobe does it again – pulling Touch Apps without telling their community

by kai 12/01/2013

Maybe I should rather say “community” as sometimes it seems to me that there’s not a great deal left of the Adobe’s involvement with their community. The story in short, PR-blurb is that they are “refocusing … Touch App development“. In case you don’t speak PR-blurb, this means that Adobe Debut, Adobe Collage, Adobe Proto and […]

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Adobe Connect 8.2 cannot be installed directly on Windows Server 2008 R2

by kai 27/12/2012

The latest available “full” installer for Adobe Connect 8 is for version 8.2 (which is also known as Adobe Connect 8 Service Pack 2). According to the documentation (release notes and tech specs) the supported operating systems for licensed deployments are either Windows Server 2003 SP2 or Windows Server 2008 R2. Unfortunately there’s an undocumented […]

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Adobe Connect license files – technote error and be aware of the download URL

by kai 26/12/2012

This is just a quick post because a client of mine ran into this issue not too long ago. When one is buying Adobe Connect under the so called “licensed” model, it’s very common to be given only a license key from your reseller or distributor. The Adobe Connect installer however requires you to enter […]

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Seat etiquette?

by kai 28/10/2012

As some of you might know, I travel quite a bit and I could tell you lots of aviation-related stories covering the whole range from bizarre to awesome and funny. Currently I’m about 2/3 through a NZ-Singapore-Germany-Singapore-Australia-NZ trip and on yesterays’s flight from Brisbane (where I was working with a client during the last week) […]

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New side project: jquery.expand.js

by kai 21/10/2012

I’ve got a new side project. Nothing major, but quite a bit of fun to play with: jquery.expand.js. Basically, it’s a little jQuery plugin that provides functionality for collapsing and expanding part of an HTML site. I needed this functionality as while ago for a client;  the only plugin out there providing the particular “flavour” […]

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