cf.Objective(ANZ) 2010 is over – here comes webDU 2011

by kai 21/11/2010

You might wonder and think: “Haven’t I seen another post about cf.O(ANZ) just a few minutes ago?”. Yes, you’re absolutely right. cf.Objective(ANZ) is still over and next next big thing for everyone involved with web and (but not only) the Adobe platform in Australia and New Zealand is webDU in Sydney. Geoff has just yesterday posted the dates (14 and 15 April 2011) and a call for papers.

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Flash Platform Camp Wellington presentations

by kai 13/09/2010

Flash Platform Camp Wellington 2010 is over and it was good fun. I’m going to write a larger post about it (also covering the night activities of speakers and sponsors). This post is really just to push out the page where the presentation materials e.g. slides, code samples, videos etc. are hosted.

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cf.Objective(ANZ) 2010 update

by kai 19/07/2010

When I posted about cf.Objective(ANZ) 2010 in Melbourne (November 18-19 2010)the other week we had just put registration live and the first batch of speakers online. Just a few days later and there’s already so much more.

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Register for Flash Platform Camp Wellington in September and win

by kai 14/07/2010

Today is pretty much your last chance to register for Flash Platform Camp Wellington on September 4th, 2010 AND go into the draw for a license of Flash Builder 4 Premium for the platform of your choice (OSX/Win). This promotion runs out tomorrow – 15th of July mid-day NZ Standard time.

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cf.Objective(ANZ) 2010 – some speakers, some sessions (and a registration system)

by kai 09/07/2010

You might have heard that our antipodean version of cf.Objective – coincidentally named cf.Objective(ANZ) – is coming back again in 2010. After the very successful first run in 2009, we’re going to be back to Melbourne on November 18 & 19, 2010 for two days on advanced CF content, networking with attendees and presenters from all over the world.

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Flash Platform Code Camp Wellington 2010

by kai 01/05/2010

Come along and learn about Adobe’s Flash Platform and creative tools for building Rich Internet Applications: Flash, Flex, AIR, Flash Catalyst, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash Builder, BlazeDS, LiveCycle DS, LiveCycle Designer and lots more. This is also a place to meet and greet, share cool stuff, try out new technologies and code together with other like-minded people.

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Next Flash Platform User Group in Wellington: May 18, 2010

by kai 28/04/2010

Next Flash Platform User Group in Wellington: May 18, 2010

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Regular Expressions @webDU – want a $50-off voucher?

by kai 12/04/2010

This is just a quick one. As announced in February I’m going to be and present at WebDU 2010 in Bondi Beach, Sydney. Besides a conference session, I’m running a Day 0 workshop on “befriending regular expressions”.

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Speaking at webDU 2010 (May 6 and 7 2010, Bondi Beach)

by kai 26/02/2010

I’m again speaking at this year’s webDU (and it’s going to be the 8th time in a row – I think the only other people who have presented at each MXDU/webDU since it started in 2003 are Andrew Muller and Mr. Geoff Bowers himself now, yay!).

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Speaking at Flash Platform User Group Wellington (New Zealand)

by kai 05/02/2010

Next Flash Platform (Flex, Flash, AIR) user group meeting in Wellington, New Zealand: Feb 16, 2010. Speakers: Kai Koenig on Skinning and Styling in Flex 4 and Ross Phillips on Stratus.

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