Live blogging about Ben on Blackstone I

by kai on 08/09/2004

Today Ben Forta speaks about Blackstone over here in Cologne, Germany. This entry is updated regularly during his session…

– An interesting observation: over 50% of the attendants are using CF MX or higher already. There were just one or two people just running on CF 4.something.

– Did you know that CF was backwards compatible to DBML up to including CF 5? To clear that up: DBML was the first tag language CF supported long years before CFML was designed…

– Ben asked how many people use XForms – “the no 1 language for web forms” šŸ˜‰ – 1/2 person is using XForms, just barely more even know about that technology

– Blackstones solution: A CFFORM tag which is using XSL for defining skins, layouts etc. Ben showed a dhtml skin to produce a form with two select lists which makes it bloody easy to move list entries from left to rifght and vice versa. CF generates all necessary code behind. It might become a bit ugly to define the skins – XSL isn’t really a nice language, but Macromedia plans to deliver a lot of examples and basic skins with the product to help developers do that.

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