Live blogging about Ben on Blackstone III

by kai on 08/09/2004

Continuing with the form stuff:

– Since CF 2 the product provided nice tags like CFTREE, CFGRID etc. which had been realised as Java applets with all the pros and cons of that technology.

– Blackstone solution: The approach is using the Flash technology as a frontend. That means for example that CFGRID received a new attribute format=”flash” which produces a Flash based GRID. By just reviewing the look & feel it looks like a Flex control, feels like a Flex control and probably…? Same for calendars, tree controls etc.

– Ben showed several examples of using Flash/Flex-based UI widgets in ColdFusion. Next to me, Sven Claar, regular blogger of MXUG Central Europe is whining that no one will need Flex after the release of Blackstone, but he still hopes that Flex is much better 😉 Don’t cry, mate, we’ll help you…

– A last one before the break: Blackstone will deliver a subset of Flex. If you just need webbased forms, you probably won’t need Flex, ColdFusion will be great for you.

– Afternoon tea break 😉

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