Live blogging about Ben on Blackstone V

by kai on 08/09/2004

Some more information on printing and stuff…

– For creating reports, MM provides a Tool called ColdFusion Report Builder, some sort of visual tool to define the layout of a to become generated report from query fields or other data. This tool creates so called .crf files which are necessary to use CFREPORT. Included is a basic query builder, and wizards to define charts (in fact this is creating a CFCHART tag).

Deployment options:

– Sourceless deployment: Compile cfm files into Java bytecode which can be distributed and executed without the original cfm files being present anymore.

– Packaging options: Package own application + core CF engine into an ear or war file and deploy the file as a regular J2EE app. Licensing doesn’t change, you could chose to provide a serial number while packaging or provide the archive without serial and provide the serial later – if you don’t, it will fall back to a developer edition after 30 days.

Let me just insert a very interesting statement from Ben regarding the (in)officially supported platforms for CF Blackstone: “if you got the right jvm it doesn’t care if you’re on a toaster or on a server” 🙂

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