Live blogging about Ben on Blackstone VI

by kai on 08/09/2004

– Multiple Instances: For most of the people it was a mess to setup CF with multiple instances on one machine. There is a instance manager now which allows to duplicate complete CF installations. Also, the nasty issue with the replication of CFC instances in the session scope (they didn’t replicate) will be fixed…;)

– CF DW Extensions: Creating datasources directly out of Dreamweaver etc.

– Beyond HTTP: CF Events Gateways – Gateways allow CF to respond to non HTTP originating requests like Events, Sockets, Asynchronous events etc. The idea is: ColdFusion in fact is able to respond to nearly anything…

– Built in is a SMS Gateway, Ben demonstrated a tiny application with an SMS client and SMS server communicating together on a localhost. Great to see how that works, there are alreay tons of use cases popping up my brain đŸ˜‰

– Some mixed new tags and functionality:
* CFNTAUTHENTICATE for NT / Active directory login
* XMLValidate()
* XMLParse()
* Ability to instantiate CFC from Java using a CFCProxy in Java
* Support for skins in CFCHART
* Administration API for scripting the CF Administrator functionality

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