MAX 2006 Korea Day 0

by kai on 15/11/2006

I’ve lacked a bit of being up-to-date with reporting from MAX 2006 in Korea. So – at least now some report…

I’ve arrived Sunday late night. The bus trip from Incheon Airport into the southern part of the city took ages – Incheon is pretty much in the middle of nowhere as there was litereally no way of building this huge airport closer to the city.

My Monday (Day 0) was full on with wandering around in Seoul. I’ve never been to Korea before – not to Asia at all (besides changing planes in airports) – so it was pretty exciting to walk around in a city with obviously has a lot of western influence but still transports some sort of vibrating Asian culture. First stop was a huge electronics market – never seem something like that before. Tons of hardware and computer games, I could have easily bought 15 games – too bad that most of them were in Korean or Japanese (they have cooool PSP and DS games, I tell you!). I’ve also been to the big shopping and entertainment suburb in downtown (forgot the name). My impression of the city is pretty good, that being said – I don’t really know a lot of it. It was pretty weird to have actually no idea of what signs or notifications meant… luckily a lot of important information is also provided in English.

The remaining time of the afternoon I’ve used to finish my preso and to write some nice example code. Later that night, we had a speaker meeting where I’ve finally met Sumi, Nikki and a lot of the other great people from Adobe in Korea.

Dinner: In a pretty cheesy American Restaurant in the mall below the conference hotel together with Matt Voerman from Perth and Richard Galvan 😉

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