MAX 2006 Korea – photos in Flickr and videos…?

by kai on 16/11/2006

I’ve put some of my photos from MAX 2006 Korea in my Flickr account. As this is just a basic and free account (shame on me, but never got round to use it a lot – anyone wants to upgrade my account to pro for a year?…I’d really appreciate it 🙂 ), the quality is rather low (appr.640×480 or so). Have fun having a look at them and leave a comment. If anyone would like to have the large version of an image, leave me a note.

And then there were the videos… I’ve got some funny, low-quality video shots from the Karaoke night. I’ve decided not to put them online, I suppose a majority of the people here wouldn’t want to see Mario Klingemann, Mike Chambers and Robin Hilliard performing various songs anyway – or might I be wrong? 😉

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