MAX 2006 Korea Day 2

by kai on 15/11/2006

My first session today was about Flex and Ajax, a topic which I roughly know about, but my experience with the combination of both was pretty much up at the surface. It’s interesting what one could achieve with the combination, I’ll have to look into that in the future!

The other session I was attending today (right now) is Robin’s talk about architectures for Flex applications. His talk also covers Cairngorm, but it is way more than that and actually one of the best architecture talks I’ve even seen. He really managed to hit the point by trying to explain the benefits of MVC and that MVC is just more than “my database (model) will never change, why should I care of MVC, let’s just hack something together”. I hope Robin is going to make the slides available afterwards, or does a Breeze recording of exactly this presentation – it’s something any developer who does not see a benefit in frameworks or architecture should watch!

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