30 days of me – day 4

by kai 12/09/2010

A habit I wish I didn’t have… I would love to say there’s nothing and I’m perfect – but I know that some people would right away come up with something along those lines…

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30 days of me – day 3

by kai 11/09/2010

A picture of you and your friends… Ha, tricky one as I needed to actually dig through other people’s iPhoto libraries to find pictures on which I am shown myself. Even more difficult if you have multiple circles of friends on different continents. So – I decided to go with three photos instead of one.

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30 days of me – day 2

by kai 10/09/2010

Today is about the meaning and the heritage of the name of this blog.

Back in 2003 Marcus (AgentM) and I were both working at msg at.NET – a Macromedia Solution Partner in Germany at that time. I was mainly doing CF and Java and Marcus was the resident Spectra guru (the whole Flex and AIR stuff was still in it’s early childhood days back then).

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30 days of me – day 1

by kai 09/09/2010

Ok, today I’m supposed to post a recent picture of me and 15 interesting facts about myself. Great. Gosh, how do I start. Maybe with the photo… That’s how recent it gets. It shows me and a reasonably annoyed @karoricat. Now to the 15 random/interesting facts: 1. I grew up in a tiny tiny tiny […]

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#30daysofme – here we go, day 0 (and day 1 later today :)

by kai 09/09/2010

The #30daysofme hashtag virus is spreading among my friends quite badly at the moment, so that’s how I got But hey – at least it forces me to get back to this blog more often for the next 30 days (at least).

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I’m flying an AirNZ 777-200

by kai 25/02/2010

The next action item after being to the Engineering base was the 777-sim ride. Air NZ has two simulator and training buildings in the vicinity of Auckland Airport.

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A visit at Air New Zealand’s Engineering Base in Auckland

by kai 24/02/2010

This is the second post about my awesome day on Monday. After @blauerpunto and I arrived in Auckland, Mark Farley from Air NZ picked us up at the air bridge. Mark is a Flight Service Manager with Air New Zealand but also does a lot of work on the ground. One of his projects is crew management, training and planning for a project Air NZ runs together with Hawaiian Airlines (more on that further down).

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An awesome day with Air New Zealand

by kai 23/02/2010

Yesterday, I had one of the most awesome days of my life. It would rate it right below the category comprising “Getting married to @blauerpunto” and “Getting permanent residency in New Zealand” and on a very similar level with stuff such as “Flying in a small airplane for the first time” and “Going solo in a small airplane for the first time”.

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Webstock Trading Card Game – final wrap-up

by kai 23/03/2009

This blogpost was sitting in a text file on my hard drive for quite a while now and I finally finished it last night. It’s going to be the final wrap-up of the Webstock 09 trading card game, Minty and I’ve run at the conference. Besides pushing out the complete results table, I also want […]

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Installing OS X on a Dell Mini 9

by kai 10/03/2009

People who follow me on Twitter might have noticed that I was eagerly awaiting the delivery of a black Dell Mini 9 during the last 2 weeks. Finally I got it the other day and right away converted it into an OS X machine – who wants Windows XP on such a beautiful little netbook […]

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