Transforming Pamela Fox :)

by kai 14/02/2009

Just some more insights into running the Webstock Trading Card Game 🙂 When we planned the cards, photos of the speakers served as templates for the beautiful comic faces on the cards. At some point late the week before last the final layouts and everything were sent off to the printer and Mike dropped off […]

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Most amazing out-of-office notification

by kai 12/02/2009

Just sent an email to Duane Nickull (already knowing that he’s off snowboarding to Whistler). That’s what I got as an automated reply (I crossed out the cell # and date here): — quote — I am on vacation at Whistler, BC, probably having more fun that you if you are reading this. I will […]

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We’ve done it again – Webstock Trading Card Game

by kai 11/02/2009

Some people might remember back to the webDU conference and the Trading Card Game that was run during the conferece. I’ve blogged about it back then and sneak-previewed my card. Now, Nectarine and Ventego did it again and we’re running a complete new version of the game at Webstock 09 in Wellington, New Zealand. Ruleset […]

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What’s wrong with those people and their animals :) ?

by kai 17/07/2008

It seems some people I know and who are also more or less heavily involved in the Adobe community have a reasonably “different” relationship to (their) animals. Let’s start with Kay. Well known blogger, friend and co-worker of mine and a fellow Adobe Ambassador. Back in the days, she used to own a goat. Fair […]

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Aussies to invade New Zealand

by kai 15/07/2008

This is the funniest thing I’ve watched in the last year or so. The Gruen Transfer is an Australian TV show about advertising on ABC. They have a segment called “The Pitch” and agencies have to compete against each other to fulfil a somewhat “challenging” brief…. for example: A TV spot to advertise for an […]

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Charity competition at Adobe AU – Donate!

by kai 10/04/2008

I’m being “spammed” since yesterday night 🙂 Apparently my friends of at Adobe Australia are running some sort of office team building competition – for a very good cause. I don’t know all the details but it’s about the teams building web sites or applications to get a many people donating for the Fred Hollows […]

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Flying news

by kai 24/03/2008

Some people might remember that I’ve started my aviation “career” a bit more than one year back from now. Well, at some point in early March 2007 I’ve done a trial flight at the local Aero Club down at Wellington International. Last July I started my training towards the New Zealand PPL to become a […]

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Online mind mapping

by kai 15/11/2007

Mind maps are nowadays a somewhat established tool for your own or collective brainstorming and organising your thoughts. Diane was looking for an easy solution to draw a mind map and after “verbally abusing” Visio for a few minutes :-), she found – really cool. It allows you to create mind maps online, to […]

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Cool stuf: Ponoko

by kai 15/10/2007

If you’re interested in just cool stuff and alternative ideas/designs – have a look at Ponoko. Basically Ponoko is about laser-cutting kitsets, furnitures, decoration, wood etc. Just by accident I today found that two of my friends, Thomas and Hannah have done very, very cool stuff with it and put online. Check it out!

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Diane and Kai’s “art”

by kai 04/10/2007

The MAX 2007 event party had some sort of a customizable art installation (Adobe Creativity Conducted). You could use Wii remotes to draw wild and weird patterns on a huge screen and then upload it to a public Flickr account 🙂 Here is ours – well, we’re not artists 🙂 But check out the photostream, […]

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