Flash Platform Code Camp Wellington 2010

by kai 01/05/2010

Come along and learn about Adobe’s Flash Platform and creative tools for building Rich Internet Applications: Flash, Flex, AIR, Flash Catalyst, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash Builder, BlazeDS, LiveCycle DS, LiveCycle Designer and lots more. This is also a place to meet and greet, share cool stuff, try out new technologies and code together with other like-minded people.

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Apple vs Adobe vs HTML 5 vs Apple vs Flash vs whatever

by kai 30/04/2010

I’m fed up. It’s enough. Thx. I don’t care who started it; I don’t care why Steve and Shantanu don’t want to play with each other’s companies anymore and I’m seriously fed up with everyone talking about nothing else.

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Next Flash Platform User Group in Wellington: May 18, 2010

by kai 28/04/2010

Next Flash Platform User Group in Wellington: May 18, 2010

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CENTEROS: Data Center Management with Flex

by kai 14/04/2010

I just thought, I’d take a bit of time to show off one of the projects we’ve been working on recently: CENTEROS – an affordable software for Data Center Management.

You all have an idea what a data center is, right? Quite large buildings hosting a vast amount of technology such as server racks and servers, air conditioning, diesel backup generators and much more. A data center is pretty much the representation of the virtual infrastructure we all rely on for the work and play we do while using the internet.

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Speaking at webDU 2010 (May 6 and 7 2010, Bondi Beach)

by kai 26/02/2010

I’m again speaking at this year’s webDU (and it’s going to be the 8th time in a row – I think the only other people who have presented at each MXDU/webDU since it started in 2003 are Andrew Muller and Mr. Geoff Bowers himself now, yay!).

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Speaking at Flash Platform User Group Wellington (New Zealand)

by kai 05/02/2010

Next Flash Platform (Flex, Flash, AIR) user group meeting in Wellington, New Zealand: Feb 16, 2010. Speakers: Kai Koenig on Skinning and Styling in Flex 4 and Ross Phillips on Stratus.

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Adobe Refresh in Asia Pacific

by kai 01/02/2010

This is just a quick reminder that Adobe is running a series of Refresh events across Asia Pacific in February. Perth and Sydney are apparently booked out resp. very close to being booked out – but there are places left for Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland.

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Why Air New Zealand is the Airline of the Year!

by kai 25/01/2010

Air New Zealand (short Air NZ from here on) – my home turf airline – has recently been named Airline of the Year in the Air Transport World magazine awards. There are plenty of reasons why they absolutely have deserved to win this award. Plenty, really!

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OS X quick look for Flex

by kai 23/01/2010

A few days ago I posted about using qlcolorcode to display syntax highlighted ColdFusion code in Mac OS X’s Finder’s quick look. Now – I had a bit of a look into how to use/extend the same plugin for displaying Action Script and MXML code as well.

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Pilots have to sit here :-)

by kai 24/12/2008

This is going to be one of the last entries for this year, I suppose. It’s a funny one, but also at least somewhat related to Flash and Flex *g* Air New Zealand have recently rebuilt their Frequent Flyer portal using Flex. That’s cool in general, I don’t like the way how particular things have […]

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